Corn Dog 2011
Acrylic Oil, aerosol, Vynil, collage on glass panel with sprayed framed
Everything in Life is here 2010

Then, Remember Me 2011
Acrylic, Oil & Aerosol on Plywood
High Seas 2011
Oil, aerosol, collage on glass panel with sprayed framed

Born 1982, Beverley, raised in Burnley, Nothern England, Lives and works in London
+44 (0) 7584 297 208


BA (Hons) Fine Art The University Of Central Lancashire, 9. 2005 to 06.2008.
BA First Class Honours Degree

International study placement, University Central Connecticut USA, 08-12. 07

Operating somewhere between the fuzzy, grey periphery of 'Street' & 'High' Art, Artist Alex Daw makes paintings, collages, drawings, installation and sculpture. Siphoning, selecting and then re-appropriating a host of apparently readable - often beautiful, though occasionally gross, base images from anywhere; the street, magazines, fashion, family photos and the internet.

Attempting to fuse the high & low , Daw uses these images as floating reference points in his work. His obsessive nature to criticise and de-construct objects is truly otherworldly, and the result is a series of compelling mementos of modern life which questions the role of the viewers’ relationship with the work.
Painting with Paper, Oil, Acrylic & Aerosol; Daw renders his visions with pinache and poise, always looking at original craft and technique to propel his practise further.
Daw’s works are refreshingly post-modern. His work is ‘'of this time’', ‘'edgy’' and referencing the ‘now’, refusing to appease to literal meaning or analysis. ‘Sex, Death, cult and celebrity’ are popular motifs in Daws’ work although there are serious undertones and lacings of his dry sense of humour.

“Being an artist is an endless soul searching critique of humanity; a day doesn’t go by where I don’t consider the reality of our collective situation and not want to create something that echoes it!?”