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mixed media
mixed media
Candyman, 2011
mixed media
Memory wipe, 2010
mixed media
Breathe with me, 2010
installations, mixed media
Chocolate, 2011

“My work references body process in looking at issues of identity and boundaries. I am interested in the physical limits and daily ritualistic frameworks of the body, how these are perceived and physically manifested. I reject any physical representation of the actual body and choose instead to focus on its perception, traces and processes.

The challenges to my own physical and mental boundaries involved in making the work are also tested by my use of the diverse processes I adopt in the construction of the work, including welding, casting and electronics - they all represent to me sculptural superpowers, yet the work also presents a vulnerability with the juxtaposition of humble ephemeral materials, alongside the steel, plaster and glass - a detritus of the wrappings and trappings of consumer culture combined to form it, plastic wrapping, cardboard, foam and cloth. My life defined by my consumption of consumer culture.

My practice is given its substance from my particular areas of research and interest, quantum physics, body processes, an abiding love of “stuff” and a naïve desire to believe in escape or breaking boundaries.”


Goldsmiths MA, 2010-12
Chelsea College of Art and Design Postgraduate Diploma, Distinction, 2010
Kingston University BA (Hons) Fine Art, 1989-91
Selected Exhibitions

“Below” Edel Assanti Project Space, London 9 September - Mid October 2010
“I Am Solitary, I Am Army” Curated by Beers Lambert at the Surface Gallery, Nottingham, UK, 2-12 September 2010
Final Show Postgraduate Diploma, Chelsea College of Art and Design, 2010
“Myspace” Chelsea College of Art and Design, 2010
“By Appointment” collaboration with Close but no Cigar, ICA London, UK, 2010
“Guinea Pig” Interim Show Postgraduate Diploma, Chelsea College of Art and Design, UK, 2010
“Recollect” Curated by Emma Woffenden and Matt Duran. Burgh House Museum, London NW3, UK, 2010
Group Show Chimaera Gallery, Folkestone, 2009
“Rising Scum” Group show Brixton Hill, UK, 2000
“Vanitas” Touring exhibition and workshops. Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, UK, 1991