14 – 30 September 2011 (Private view: Tuesday 13 September, 7 – 9 pm)

New Contemporary is pleased to present a new exhibition and artistic collaboration by British artists Alex Daw and CYCLOPS (aka Lucas Price) at the Beauchamp Club with a private opening on 13th September 2011.

The exhibition will exhibit a series of works including paintings, collages, drawings, photography and installations of an obsessive nature to criticise and de-construct objects that result in a series of compelling mementos of modern life.

Both artists have always discussed and debated over creative and cultural concepts, yet this will be the first time they will exhibit together and confront these initiatives in their work.

About the artists:
Alex Daw is the new kid on the artists’ block who has been causing a stir since graduating with a commendable First Class honours in fine Art from The University of Central Lancashire in 2008. He may be a ‘contemporary’ artist but his works would not look out of place amongst an exhibition dedicated to the School of London movement; the graphic intensity of Francis Bacon permeates his style, yet Daw remains current by channelling modern narratives, satirising and subverting the cult society in which we live – Warhol would be proud.

Daw has managed to transcend genres by satisfying the entire artistic spectrum, his credentials a ménage a trois of media; paint, pens, collage, sculpture and installations. His musings, like his canvases are eclectic; pop culture, art history, sci -fi and portraiture are ‘selected, injected and dissected’ to provide a starting point for painting. It may be this versatility that has aided his success, his debut solo show at Wieden and Kennedy sponsored by POP magazine was a sell-out establishing him a client base in the UK, Europe & America and he has had work commissioned by Fashion conglomerates Diesel, Ralph Lauren and UK designer Georgina Goodman.

CYCLOPS is one of the founders of the infamous BC crew, with work featured in the Banksy feature Exit Through the Gift Shop. HIs work has been internationaly exhibited in Paris, Tokyo, London, New York, LA and Hong Kong and was shown at Tate Modern as part of the first street art museum exhibition to be held in the UK.

Iain Sinclair has written about his work in his latest book Ghost Milk and he continues to work on his Teenage Phantasm series, updating his style continuously.

His portraiture offers an opportunity to work in both representational and abstract modes at the same time, drawing as much on classical portraiture as it does on Basquiatt and Dubuffet, the real and the imagined and the link between the two.


Beauchamp Club